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What are you so afraid of?

"Cadê pepê e nenê? Pepênenê… Vai dormir aonde? E nenê?"


Cr: Douglas Corazza

"For a long time I think I’ve been in between the stages, looking at the professional world through a boy’s eyes. Sometimes I worry if I’ll make the right decisions but I want to be a good adult, to give back all the love I’ve received. The nature of me won’t change so I don’t think there’s anything for the fans to worry about. It’d be great if they can watch me grow and be proud." trans

Happy birthdayJunhong ♥


Gerard + Red Boa 3/3



NyNy’s Top [2/3] K-Pop Females: Bekah


Elsa-Hee and Jack-Geng Frost

♪ Let it go ♫
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